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Top Reasons to Invest in a Basement Remodel for Your Kings County Home

Johnny Home Improvement Contractor, Inc. is Kings County’s most trusted Kings County home improvement contractor. In the more than 25 years that we’ve been in business, we have successfully improved the function and enhanced the appearance of countless homes. While we offer all types of home improvement services, basement remodels are our specialty. Whether you want to makeover an existing finished basement or you want to renovate an unfinished basement, when you choose us as your basement designer, you can have confidence knowing that your basement will be turned into a usable, welcoming space. To find out how you can add valuable square footage to your home and boost your property value with our Crown Heights, NY basement renovation services, give us a call today!

Great Reasons to Invest in a Crown Heights, NY Basement Renovation

An unfinished basement can be so much more than just a space where you tuck away toys, holiday decorations, out-of-season clothing, sporting equipment, and whatever else you don’t use on a regular basis. A bedroom, a game room, an office, a gym, a playroom; a basement has so much potential. Here’s a look at some great reasons why a basement remodel is an excellent investment.

Add More Living Space

Whether your family is growing or you feel like your crammed on top of each other and need more space to spread out, a basement remodel is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to add usable square footage to your Kings County home. Compared to the cost of an addition, a Crown Heights, NY basement renovation is much more affordable. Plus, you can use the space for virtually anything you can think of; a children’s playroom, a media room, a home office or gym, a craft room, or even an extra bedroom or a guest suite, complete with a bathroom. With the help of a professional basement designer, that once dark, damp storage space can become the most popular room in your house!

Increased Property Value

The value of a house is largely determined by the amount of usable square footage it offers; therefore, a basement remodel can dramatically increase the value of your Kings County home. According to real estate experts, you can see up to a 75% return on investment when you finish a basement. For example, if you spend $10,000 on a basement remodel, you could potentially increase the value of your property by $7,500; that’s a sizeable increase. Whether you’re planning on selling your Kings County home in the future or you want to refinance at some point, a Crown Heights, NY basement renovation is definitely a worthwhile investment.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Increased energy efficiency is one of the most overlooked benefits of a basement remodel. If you hire a professional home improvement contractor that specializes in Crown Heights, NY basement renovations, they will add elements that reduce drafts and boost the efficiency of your Kings County home; for example, they’ll install high-quality insulation between the concrete foundation and drywall, carpeting, and other items that will prevent air from escaping or entering your house through the basement. If you want to minimize your carbon footprint, a basement remodel can definitely help you achieve your goal.

Cost Savings

While it’s true that you will have to invest money into a Crown Heights, NY basement renovation, in the long run, this home improvement project can actually help you save money. Because a basement remodel can help to make your Kings County home more energy-efficient, you could see a marked decrease on your utility bills, as you won’t be burning through as much oil, gas, and/or electricity to heat and cool your property. What you transform your basement into can also lead to cost savings; for example, if you turn it into a workout room, you can say goodbye to your pricy gym membership, if you turn it into a game room or a home theater (complete with a wet bar), instead of spending big bucks to go out, you, your family, and your pals can head to your basement for entertainment, and if you turn it into a bedroom and a bathroom, you can even help out-of-town loved ones save money because they’ll be able to forego reserving a hotel room and stay in your welcoming basement guest suite, instead.

Looking for a Reputable Kings County Basement Designer?

If you want to take advantage of all of the above-mentioned benefits, get in touch with a leading Crown Heights, NY basement renovation professional: Johnny Home Improvement Contractor, Inc. With more than 25 years of experience in the home improvement industry, our contractors are experts in basement remodeling and can completely transform your unfinished basement and turn it into a functional, welcoming living space that will add valuable square footage to your Kings County home and boost the value of your property, too. To discuss your basement remodel ideas and find out more about the services we offer, give us a call at 347-522-1076 or visit to schedule a free in-person consultation.