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Planning a Bay Ridge, NY Bathroom Renovation? Tips to Help You Survive Bathroom Renovations

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. It’s where you begin and ends each day, and it’s the space that you (and if it’s a central bathroom, others) use on a regular basis. Since it’s such an integral feature, a bathroom should be highly functional, well-appointed, and inviting; a space where you’ll enjoy spending time and will be proud to show off.

If your current bathroom is broken down, the layout doesn’t meet your needs, or the design just doesn’t speak to your style, you might be thinking about renovating. If so, in order to ensure the best results possible, you’re going to want to hire the most reputable bathroom contractors. Johnny Home Improvement Contractor, Inc., a leading bathroom renovation company, has been reimagining the bathrooms of Kings County homeowners for more than 25 years. Whether you’re looking to give your powder room a facelift or you’d like to completely overhaul your en suite, if you’re in search of the most reliable contractor for your Bay Ridge, NY bathroom remodel, you can count on us to create a space that will not only meet your needs but exceed your expectations.

Tips to Ensure Your Bay Ridge, NY Bathroom Remodel is a Success

Though a sound investment when all is said and done, bathroom renovations can be quite overwhelming. The process can be messy, noisy, and can result in a bit of upheaval until the project is complete. With proper planning, however, you can forego some of the inconvenience and make sure that your sanity remains in-tact during your Kings County bathroom renovation.

Here are some simple tips to keep in mind that will help you survive a Bay Ridge, NY bathroom remodel and ensure the finished product is a success. 

Choose Your Bathroom Contractor Wisely

In order to ensure your Bay Ridge, NY bathroom remodel goes as smoothly as possible, hiring a reputable contractor is an absolute must. No matter how much you prepare, if the contractor isn’t reliable, all of your preparation isn’t going to matter. That’s why it’s so important to do your due diligence and thoroughly vet professionals who specialize in bathroom renovations in Kings County. Schedule consultations with at least three different companies and check for the following:

Pick the Right Time

In addition to picking the right contractor, you’re also going to want to pick the right time to do your Bay Ridge, NY bathroom remodel. Even if you’re only doing a few upgrades, the space is going to be pretty much out of commission until the project is finished. Therefore, you want to make sure that you have your bathroom renovation done at a time that will be the least inconvenient. For instance, if you’re planning on hosting an event at your Kings County house, you should plan on having your renovation done well in advance so that the bathroom will be fully functional.

Establish a Plan

Bathroom renovations can cause a bit of upheaval, as the space will be pretty much unusable until the project is finished. As such, you need to make sure you have a plan in place. If you have another full bathroom, you likely won’t have much of an issue, as you can use that until the project is complete; but, if your secondary bathroom lacks a shower or you only have a single bathroom, you’ll need to make a plan so that you can manage until your Bay Ridge, NY bathroom remodel is complete. Some options include staying with loved ones or in a hotel so that you’ll have access to facilities. If those aren’t viable options, ask your bathroom contractors for their advice, as experienced professionals should be able to offer useful insight.

Expect the Unexpected

While you have a specific goal in mind and you should certainly expect to achieve it, you should also be flexible to a certain degree. For instance, the project may end up taking a bit longer than anticipated – especially if an unforeseen issue arises – or something in particular that you have in mind may end up not being possible due to building codes or construction limitations and you may need to reimagine your initial plan. Expect the unexpected so that if something doesn’t go as planned, you’ll have an open mind and will be able to make adjustments, if needed.

Schedule a Consultation with Kings County’s Leading Bathroom Contractors

To ensure the best outcome for your Bay Ridge, NY bathroom remodel, get in touch with Johnny’s Home Improvement Contractor, Inc.! As a leading Kings County home improvement specialist, we specialize in bathroom renovations and can transform the space into the bathroom of your dreams and the favorite room in your home. For more information or to schedule a free in-person consultation, give us a call at 347-522-1076 or visit us at today!

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