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Bathroom Remodel – Planning the Design and Work Details

bathroom remodel

There’s no time like the present to undertake a bathroom remodel. Homeowners love to redesign and redecorate their homes at the end of a long hard day. There are numerous ways to accomplish a bathroom renovation, including hiring a professional interior designer, or doing it yourself. Some homeowners prefer to tackle the project themselves. If this is the case, there are a few basic things to keep in mind. When you’ve read through this article, you will know how to properly begin your bathroom remodel.

Most small bathroom remodel costs between $1,100 and $1500. Minor cosmetic improvements such as new fixtures, paint and lighting run from $1000 to up to three thousand dollars. A complete gutting and replacement of the bathroom sink and toilets usually run between five hundred and eight hundred dollars. Adding new faucets, toilets, and cabinets usually costs another hundred dollars. The bathroom remodel cost is dependent on the amount of work involved, and the homeowner’s budget.

One of the first things to consider when planning a bathroom renovation or bathroom repair is which materials to use. Bathroom remodels can take place with or without the help of a skilled craftsman; however, the most expensive repairs are often done by a pro. There are many different types of materials to choose from such as granite, wood, and acrylic. Wood and acrylic are considering the most durable, but they’re also the most expensive. Granite and wood both are relatively easy to work with, but installation of granite requires special skills and can be more expensive.

Next, homeowners should consider the price of the new fixtures. Bathroom remodels are done for different reasons, but most involve replacing worn out fixtures, installing new custom cabinetry, upgrading flooring, and/or bathroom lighting. Most homeowners want the bathrooms to look appealing, new, and up to code. Replacing worn out fixtures is one of the easiest ways to increase a bathroom’s value and appeal.

When choosing whether or not to hire a professional, homeowners should carefully evaluate the contractor’s reputation. Most reputable contractors will list their professional and contractor names and license number on their website. Reading customer testimonials online is a great way to find out how satisfied other customers were with the services provided. If a bathroom remodel cost seems high, it might be because the customer was charged for labor that the new fixtures would have cost if purchased at the same retail price.

Another important factor to keep in mind when choosing whether to hire a bathroom remodel professional is to get free, no Commitment project estimates from pros near you. Local remodeling professionals are the best place to get free, no Commitment project estimates, since they have done the work, usually, for many homes. You can usually contact these bathroom remodeling pros by phone, email, or in person.

If the bathroom is relatively new, and the homeowner has replaced the old tile with new molded glass bathroom tile, and wall and flooring, then it may be a good idea to paint the bathroom a lighter color. Painting will help reflect light and will make the room appear larger and more open. Replacing older, worn carpeting with new carpeting also helps open the room. Replacing the bathroom counter with a new counter that is painted will also give the bathroom a new feel.

Bathroom remodeling does take a lot of work and planning, especially in older homes. However, when done properly, it can still increase the value of the home as well as provide a comfortable, clean, and safe bathroom. Remodeling a bathroom does not have to be a costly venture, with proper design and installation, it can be an inexpensive makeover! The most important thing to remember, when remodeling a bathroom, is to go slow, and enjoy the process, rather than rush through it, especially if there are expensive and complicated fixtures to replace.

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Whether you’re experiencing any of the above-mentioned issues or you’re having any other problems, if you’re thinking about investing in a Sheepshead Bay, NY bathroom remodel, you want to hire the best company to do the job. Johnny Home Improvement Contractor, Inc., a leading Kings County home improvement contractor, specializes in bathroom renovations and can completely transform the look and function of your existing space. To find out how we can create the bathroom of your dreams, give us a call at 347-522-1076 or visit us online at

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